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PEX Pipe Falure by Chlorine

About 12 years ago PEX pipe became very popular replacing the use of copper piping in homes and businesses. Recently failures of PEX are due to Chlorine. The Chlorine in the pipe oxidizes inside and deteriorates the pipe. We understand that PEX has been used in Europe in closed system conditions for over [...]

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Review Pura Standard and Deluxe Reverse Osmosis

Pura Standard and Deluxe Reverse Osmosis The difference between the Standard and the Deluxe Reverse Osmosis systems is the Deluxe comes with an upgraded faucet and a John Guest Tee. The John Guest Tee is used to connect the water supply line to the stop under your kitchen sink. This eliminates the need to [...]

Health Benifits for using Reverse Osmosis

Drinking reverse osmosis water has its health advantages removing arsenic, nitrates, sodium, copper, lead, some organic chemicals and harsh dissolved solids. In some areas where the drinking water comes from local lakes the water would be unsafe to drink if not treated. To use surface water as a source for drinking water, you must have [...]

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One thing that is hard to keep up with is changing your filters on time. Not any more, we can send you reminder emails when it is time to change your filters...

Quick Change Peice of Mind

Find the wrench, unscrew the filter housing, pull the cartridge, try to get the o-ring to seal properly and clean up the water spills. How about just twist it a 1/4 turn and pull out the old and then add the new. Read More...
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