drinking WaterDrinking reverse osmosis water has its health advantages removing arsenic, nitrates, sodium, copper, lead, some organic chemicals and harsh dissolved solids. In some areas where the drinking water comes from local lakes the water would be unsafe to drink if not treated. To use surface water as a source for drinking water, you must have a properly constructed water intake and a treatment system that includes filtration and disinfection. The treatment leaves much of the dissolved solids and dead bacteria in the water. Using a reverse osmosis treatment system can remove 95% of all these dead contaminants.

Good Health is Important

Most cities provide safe and reliable drinking water that meets or exceeds state and federal quality standards. Many of these same cities place disclaimers on their water report. This disclaimer was taken from a city water report in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: “Special Notice for the ELDERLY, INFANTS, CANCER PATIENTS, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune problems: You may be more vulnerable to contaminants than the general population to certain microbial contaminants, such as Cryptosporidium, in drinking water. Infants, some elderly, or immunocompromised persons such as those undergoing chemotherapy; those who have undergone organ transplants; those who are undergoing treatment with steroids; and people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders can be particularly at risk from infections. You should seek advice about drinking water from your physician or health care provider. Some people have rashes and other health problems just from drinking local city water in their homes.

Best Solution for Drinking Water Health Benefits

The Reverse Osmosis systems are the best resource to turn the city drinking water into healthy drinking water. The reverse osmosis removes all of the contaminants and dissolved solids up to .0002 microns. The water is de-mineralized so a good practice is to add trace minerals back to the reverse osmosis water. We have an additional filter to raise the PH level of the reverse osmosis water and add good healthy minerals back into the purified clean water that comes from our reverse osmosis systems. It’s our game. We believe that purified clean water is for everyone, not just the elite, but for everyone. And we’re here to unleash the possibilities of purified clean water for all..