There are similarities in the way the Ultra Filtration and the Reverse Osmosis work; they both are removing total dissolved solids in the water. By removing the total dissolved solids you improve the taste and health benefits of the drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems use cross filtration and the Ultra Filtration system uses standard filtration. Standard filtration is where the contaminants are collected within the filter media. Cross filtration is where the water crosses the filter with two outlets; the filtered water goes one way and the contaminated water goes another way. The Ultra Filtration does not discharge wasted water down the drain like the reverse osmosis system does. There are many advantages to this; water savings, no drain needed,, use on refrigerators with water in the door. It uses the supplied water pressure instead of the pressure assisted metal bladder tank.

How Pura Ultra Filters Work

Pura Ultra Filtration OptionsWater conditions can vary even in the same community. The Pura Ultra Filtration Drinking Water System can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

  • Virtually unlimited quality water
  • Great tasting, low cost water
  • Compact and easy filter change
  • No discharged water waste
  • Easy installation – no drain line required
  • Sediment Filter – Screens out sediments and particles
  • 2nd Sediment Filter – Screens out additional sediments and particles
  • Ultra Filtration Membrane – Reduces undissolved solids to 0.1 Micron
  • Carbon Block standard – Reduces elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant, including chlorine taste and odor
  • Can Fit behind or next to Refrigerator

PURA’s New Quick Change Ultra

The PURA® Ultra Filtration system features quick-change cartridges, which can be customized for changing water conditions. These proprietary cartridges are also easy to replace – typically on a semi annual basis. Our new UF will deliver top quality water without the hassle, cost or waste of bottles or delivery services.