Pex Pipe

About 12 years ago PEX pipe became very popular replacing the use of copper piping in homes and businesses. Recently failures of PEX are due to Chlorine. The Chlorine in the pipe oxidizes inside and deteriorates the pipe. We understand that PEX has been used in Europe in closed system conditions for over 35 years (but not with chlorine and open systems).
We have recently read where some brands of the PEX piping cannot pass (very) high concentrations (4 parts per million or more) of chlorine. We understand that most potable water never sees over 2 ppm but some have as high as 5ppm. Our concern is that over time and with chlorine left in the pipes, problems could occur. A simple solution is to remove the chlorine as stated below.

Check out this article written by Cadell Calkins, BAE/MAE, Penn State, 2011 ( With the sudden increase in the use of PEX in recent years, failures in PEX plumbing systems have been observed. Failures can be linked to two areas; the pipe and the fitting. The pipe can fail when exposed to chlorine within the water, or over exposure to sunlight before installation. In addition, PEX pipe has also been found to be permeable when exposed to some solutions, including oxygen and some petroleum products, and can leach toxic chemicals from the pipe material.

How to Solve The PEX Chlorine Problem

The best thing to do to solve the deterioration of the PEX pipe is to remove the chlorine. There are several way this can be done. Installing a whole house carbon filter will remove the chlorine, then annually change the filter out or as needed… Another way to remove the chlorine is to install a Scaleless (water softener type) system with carbon block. These system will take out the chlorine and also eliminate mineral buildup in water heaters, spotting and other mineral problems without using a salt brine tank. Click here to learn more about the Scaleless systems.

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